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Our week ahead

As everyone turns their focus on preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, getting the house spic and span, and finding those wonderful recipes that get dusted off and put to use once a year, we are busy with a ton of things to get done.  Here is 

Giving Thanks

Today we pause, gather our family and friends together to enjoy the bounty of the earth, provided to nourish and strengthen us as we give thanks to God Almighty.  We are truely thankful for all that we have, and all that has been entrusted to 

Are you organized?

There are times in my life when i would answer the question “Are you organized?” with a resounding YES!!!!  Every duck is in its row, everything has its place.  And then there are times when the idea of a sense of organization flies out the 

Thankful Tuesday

I wanted to sit down and take a few moments to give thanks for the year we have had so far.  The life of an artist is challenging… there are so many skills to learn, and so many facets of doing business as an artist