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Are you an organized or chaotic organizer?

“How organized do you have to be to work full time and have a full time business too?” Does life distill down to a simply well planned life, checking boxes of to do lists, and planning meticulously what will happen and when?  Or do you […]

Color Theory and Brands – Part II

Color use in branding is an amazing study that captivates me.  The more i read, the more i can see that major brands have spent the time and invested the energy in planning their image and color choice with great precision.  Recently i wrote about […]

FED EX Small Business Grant Competition

By now i think i have told the entire world several times over that we were accepted for competition for a small business grant from Fedex!!!  If you can peel away the veneer of this printed page you would see a very excited and determined […]

Focus on ingredients: Calendula

Many of the flowers and herbs grown in our gardens offer more than just beauty in the garden.  We have been reading about and learning more regarding the botanical ingredients used in creating our soaps and products.  Calendula is one that offers light scent, great […]

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