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More thoughts on time management

  Managing time is so important.  I remember the first time I sat through a class or seminar on the subject.  My thoughts were really clear “Wow, I guess i never really gave it alot of thought… I did make to-do lists, but actually sitting 

Tuesday is writing day

Writing is an art that grows better with experience and practice. In this brief blog post I detail several thoughts for making the most of your writing experience.

How do you handle time?

Managing time is one of those “essential” skills that crosses over every boundary, no matter whether you stay at home and run your household, or juggle a career or business.  Time management is as effective as you are at doing the planning. In that graphic 

Schedules, Time Management and Life

Tempest Fuget – latin expression for Time flies!  … as a kid time seemed to  sometimes stand still… i could not wait to be a certain age, or for Christmas to come, or …. fill in the blank.  As an adult, working full time and