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5 things you should consider when becoming an enterpreneur.

  When you hear the word “entrepreneur” do you immediately think of those folks on Shark Tank that sit back and make decisions about who to fund?  People like Barbara Corcoran, or Mark Cuban?  Yes, they have been in the trenches as they risked their […]

Are you disciplined?

“Wow I bet you have great discipline for your time and energy!” I have heard that phrase uttered a number of times to me.  Everything in me wanted to turn around to see who else is in the room, and who they were talking to. […]

Balancing your time

Time is one thing that is certainly a fixed commodity.  And if you are like me every second counts so much.  In order to keep the business running, the house in order, work the full time job, and keep my sanity i have been really […]

10 ways to celebrate Valentines Day

Are you romantic?  I am, and I just love the opportunity to have fun with holidays like Valentines day.  Here are 10 ways you can celebrate the day.  Each of us are energized by different things.  Years ago I read the best seller “Your Love […]

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