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Tremont we love you!

This weekend the weather was perfect – slightly cooler, but bright sun, and not even the faintest hint of weather issues.  Saturday morning we rolled out of our driveway loaded with all we would need for the two days in Lincoln Park…. and it was 

Tremont is upon us

and i am so excited the rain is passing, and will not invade our wonderful weekend.  Here is the schedule for the festival entertainment. (Click on the picture)

An interesting invitation

Flattered to be invited to a show in Hollywood California. Planning for this weekend at Tremont Art and Culture Festival.

News! Great News

I have received a letter from Tremont indicating i have again been juried into the Tremont Art and Culture festival, held in September in Lincoln Park.  Again i am humbled and blown away that the jury committee would wish for us to be a part