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Preparing for Tremont

  The schedule is out, the website is up, and yes, our names are listed correctly…. Tremont is 4 days away, and we are so hopeful this will be a wonderful weekend in Lincoln Park.   We still have about 20 pounds of soap to 

Hold that date – TAA

  Its such a wonderful honor to be a part of the Textile Art Alliance annual boutique and Wearable Art Fashion Show once again.  The TAA is an arm of the Cleveland Museum of Art.  This one day in October turns Landerhaven into a fabulous 

Tremont Art and Culture Festival is coming

Yes, we are 2 weeks away from the Tremont Art and Culture Festival 2014.  Steve and I can say this is one festival we have been a part of every year of its existance… It began while Steve was still on staff at Tremont West 

And the jury is in….

Waiting for word from the various applications and jury process can be somewhat of a long and challenging task.  Saturday when we returned from our venture to Akron the mail held a blessing we were waiting for.  Before we could even think to savor the