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Highlights of 2013

Wow, it was a year for Images in Bloom! As we finish out the old year one of our traditions is to look back, and reflect on the highs and lows of our year.  As a business we saw great growth.  We began the year 

Partnering with a Massotherapist for Tremont

The Tremont Art and Culture Festival is two weeks away (September 21-22) and we are finalizing a lot of the details.  One thing we have wanted to do is have a massotherapist available for simple chair massages.  We worked on it, and spoke at length 

Getting ready for Tremont

  We are three weeks out to our most favorite event of the year – The  Tremont Art and Culture Festival.  It is a  two day art and culture  celebration in Cleveland’s south side neighborhood of Tremont.  Located in the lovely 5 acre Lincoln Park 

Whats next for Images In Bloom

We have put most of the events on the backburner to spend quality time in the studio preparing for the three large events coming up.  Here is where we will be next: Saturday, August 31st   September 21-22, 2013 October 12-13, 2013