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The joy and anticipation of the fall.

The seasons are beginning to change, move toward the busy season for us.  And this is the time of year we love.  Cooler weather, fall foliage, thoughts of gift buying and the smells of the fall line of soaps….pumpkin spice, Apple jack and peel, and 

Tremont – Photos

I finally uploaded my photos from Tremont to the computer tonight and thought I would post them here. I usually walk around and take a lot of photos, but this year i was distracted… this is all i snapped. I always get the chalk artist 

Red Thread Project

I wrote something briefly about this before. I want to partner with organizations or endeavors that are providing solid socially redeeming efforts. One of the most frustrating and hideous problem that our world has been experiencing since time began includes the selling of young women 

Tremendous Tremont Art & Culture Festival

What a lovely weekend we had… weather was perfect – sunny and a bit cooler temps made for great crowds of people. It was wonderful to spend time chatting with old friends, and making new ones. And our fellow artists were eager to share their