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Heavenly Honeysuckle

Sweet and filling the air in may and june is a flowering vine that is well loved

Whats the buzz about cold processed soap?

Handcrafted cold processed soap is growing more popular again. Is it a return to nostalgia, or is there something more to it? We will explore this idea in today’s blog.

Announcing a new location to purchase our soap

On a cold a blustery winter Sunday recently Steve and I drove to a quaint little gallery in Ashtabula with two big boxes of soap.  We were pretty excited to finally get to see the Bridge Street Art Works, located at 1020 Bridge Street in 

Summer Pure and Simple

This has been a wonderful year of discovering new places, meeting new artists and developing new friendships that extend our market reach for the soap, silk and wire. Meeting Diane Seskes, and being given the opportunity to have our merchandise in her lovely restored 1850s