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In Celebration of Victorian Charm

Last Saturday I was a vendor at a “High Tea” held at St Thomas Episcipal Church in Berea, and i was so very impressed with the amount of detail some women put into wearing and owning beautiful victorian and edwardian hats.  A majority of the 

Preparing for High Tea – Victorian Style

Tomorrow morning we will be setting up shop at St Thomas Episcopal Church in Berea for the Devonshire Tea.  It is a lovely event featuring the handcrafted victorian hats, lace gloves, and all of the accouterments of having high tea…. Last year there were several men 

The Devonshire Victorian Tea

In the midst of the chill of winter there is a group of women in Berea who bring back a very fancy tradition of the past.  The ladies of St Thomas Episcipal Church in Berea hold high tea, accompanied by music, a small program, and