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Highlights of 2013

Wow, it was a year for Images in Bloom! As we finish out the old year one of our traditions is to look back, and reflect on the highs and lows of our year.  As a business we saw great growth.  We began the year 

Cell phones and technology

Last weekend we encountered our first major cell phone outage… just in time to make credit card sales next to impossible.  At the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival our cell phones became virtual doorstops… the signal provided from towers was being exhausted by the sheer number of 

The Ohio Sauerkraut Festival

So that is what a half million people looks like over two days…. The streets began filling up at 7:30am on saturday, long before the start of the two day event… and our first sales came shortly after that.  Main street stretches about 6 city 

Took the day off from my job

I am thankful that my employer allows me vacation time… and i carefully squirreled time away knowing today i would be getting all of those last minute details together for our adventure of the Ohio Sauerkraut festival.  While i took the day off from work,