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Great Lakes Art Fair – here we come!

Somewhere between the time you are reading this and the time it was written Steve and I will have packed up our vehicle, hugged our dogs, handed the keys to the house sitter, and headed down the road to Novi.  It is the early hours 

Alternatives for silk as wearable art

  I love being challenged to do something others are not doing.  At least when it comes to silk and shibori, there are out-takes.  In my mind I had a vision of the pattern, the colors, the full picture….but something just did not work out.  So 

Textile Art Alliance Fall Boutique – Recap

Sunday, October 19th was a delightful and treasured day for me.  The Textile Art Alliance of the Cleveland Museum of Art gathers together a wonderful selection of fiber artists for an amazing collective boutique spanning three ball rooms of the Landerhaven facility.  And fashion takes center 

Announcing a new gallery for us

I have been visiting a friend who opened her chocolate shop in the 5th street Arcade, formerly known as the Colonial and Euclid Arcades in downtown Cleveland, between Euclid Avenue and Prospect Avenue at 5th Street. They are delightful vintage shopping areas that were built