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Cosmic Bobbins Is Popping Open tonight

And you are invited… Cosmic Bobbins is a lovely Pop Up Shop that is located on Shaker Square this year.  Featuring the handcrafted goodness of a number of local artists, Shari Renee has created an elegant emporium/boutique and you can find a lot of great 

Is there a book in your story?

I began this blog when I realized I wanted to document the many adventures and changes of starting a business.  I love to write, and i love to work at the craft of fine tuning words into well crafted ideas that jump from the page. 

I just joined bloggers.com

i learned of this site while reading someone else’s blog.  It is a compilation of listings of blogs.  So if you are looking for a specific interest, or searching for someone’s blog this might be a great place to go.  It is also helpful to 

Words on the internet

When I began this adventurous transition from a full time employee to self employed business startup it seemed reasonable to journal or blog about this transition. There just had to be lessons learned, milestones, concerns, and alot to be said. So this blog was birthed.