Ukrainian Easter Egg Workshop

Ukrainian Easter eggs are a traditional form of art that begins with a white egg. A design is applied to the egg using beeswax, melted over a candle flame, and applied with a stylist known as a kiska. With each new color the egg is dyed in additional design is drawn on the egg, preserving portions covered by the wax with that color. The egg is traditionally dyed in yellow, orange, red, brown then black. Once it is fully dyed the egg is held close to the flame and the wax is gently melted off. The egg is then sprayed with a thin coat of varnish.

We are delighted to announce two dates for a workshop to learn and create your very own egg. there are two dates:

  • Tuesday, February 19th 6pm-10pm
  • Saturday, March 9th 10am-2pm

This is a 3 hour workshop (if you choose the Saturday it is 4 hours) of creating Ukrainian Easter (Pysanka)eggs. The session will be taught by Marge Pauls and Barb Bloom. Included in the fee is the supplies to create 1 Easter egg. The workshop is $25.00/person.

During the 3 hours you will learn the basics of Ukrainian egg design, traditional coloring process, use of a stylist to write with wax onto the egg, and the progression of adding color and design. Finally we will remove the wax, and apply a spray on varnish that will extend the color and life of the designed egg.

Please be aware that you will be working with a candle and hot wax.

The finished egg is not edible, but should be kept in a cooler dry place, like a china cabinet or exegete.


About the location: the class will be held in Steve & Barb Bloom’s studio, lcated on the 6th floor of the ArtCraft Building, 2570 Superior Avenue in Cleveland. There is ample parking behind the building. ( access the parking lot from East 25th street off superior Ave.

Available for an additional cost ($10) will be a kit containing one stylist (Kiska ), one beeswax chunk, and dye p ackets.