Our classes are for small groups in our studio.  Classes are for all ages (children must be supervised by a parent).


Saturday, March 4th  from 10am to 2pm   – Cold Processed Soap Making Introduction – This will be an introduction to cold processed method of soap making.  During the class you will learn the basics of what equipment is needed, and you will follow a recipe that makes a 2 pound batch of soap.  All supplies will be included.  There are a variety of essential oils to choose from – please be advised what essential oil you might be interested in.  Please dress in older clothing, and bring an old apron or work smock that you would not mind getting oil on. The total cost for this class is $40.00 and includes all supplies, as well as lunch.  Payment can be made in advance by credit card, or at the door when you arrive for the class.  Because of space, this class is limited to 6 students.

Our studio is located at 2570 Superior Ave #605; Cleveland, which is at the corner of  Interstate 90 and Superior Ave.  The building is known as the Artcraft Building.

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If you wish to take the class, but this date does not work for you please email Steve, or fill out the form, and choose the option that the date doesn’t work.

Please send any questions by email to Stephen Bloom – All email will be responded to within 24 hours.



  • class1Saturday,March 4th, 2017  10a-2p</strong>  <strong>Paint a Silk Scarf  – This is french resist painting – a design is applied to white silk with a substance
    called gutta.  When gutta dries it acts like a barrier, allowing you to paint and not have the colors bleed over each other.      We will transfer a pattern onto the silk using gutta resist, then stretch the silk on a frame and paint it.  Patterns are available or you can bring your drawing (size is 11″x60″).  Drawings should be like a coloring book, with simple detail.  I will provide the piece of silk prepared for painting, table space for working on the transfer, the frame to stretch the silk onto, and all of the paint, brushes, gutta, etc.  The cost for this class is $75 and covers all supplies and lunch.

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