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Images In Bloom Studios

Soap, Silk and so much more

Hello!!! Welcome to Images in Bloom Studios

We are delighted to offer several dates for Silk Play Days, utilizing the French resist (also known as serti method) of applying resist to create outlines of your design that act like coloring book outlines when the silk paint is applied. Space is still available for the Play days on January 25th, February 1, 15and 29th. All play days are held in our studio located at 2530 Superior Ave #402, Cleveland. Included in the price is one piece of white silk, all the supplies to design it, and I provide lunch (soup or a salad).

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For a limited time we will be offering two Shibori fun days in the studio also. Dates for our shibori fun days are Saturday, February 22, or Saturday, March 7th from noon to 4pm. To learn more about shibori click here.

Kumo Shibori was traditionally white silk bound tightly and dropped in a hot vat of indigo dye. but I like color, and we are no longer limited to just two colors. The patterns can vary with the way the silk is folded, and bound. After folding, and binding the silk we use eye droppers to apply color where you want. And there is always surprises when you remove the binding and unfurl the silk. Sometimes there are interesting unexpected surprises. Come out and play and see what you can create! And wear your creation home!!

Coming soon:

Third Friday at 78th Street – We are in the studio of Allen Kradlak and Jeff Dube (#203) for third friday from 5pm – 9pm on the following dates: We will be at 78th street February 21 and March 20

We are working on our art show schedule for 2020 and will update the site as we have updates. Thank you for visiting the site! Stop Back Soon.

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