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Welcome to Images in Bloom Studios website. We are busy preparing for the holiday shopping season, and a few select events. We hope you might stop out to say hi to us at one of these. A big change is the holiday studio sale formerly known as the Artcraft Holiday Sale. A number of the artists have moved to the Twist Drill building at 4900 Lakeside . We were invited to participate in the sale, and look forward to that opportunity to join with former studio mates for this epic art market in Cleveland.

News: We knew the time would come for the Artcraft building to eventually be renovated into swanky high end loft apartments. Over the last few years the threat was made, and the deal fell through for various reasons. Along came countrywide mortgage who is buying up the neighborhood… and they bought our building. We were given to the end of March 2023 to move out. And you better believe we are working on solutions for a new studio home… stay tuned for details as they become available.

With our pending move the other news is that the future of Silk Play Days is not clear. I have published dates before the holidays and would urge you that if you are interested sign up for one of these dates.

Christmas animal doodle frame vector

Silk Play Days are back in our studio however due to our pending move the future of these is unclear. Its a full day of fun, creating your own wearable art silk scarf. The kit includes a piece of silk measuring 11″x60″, and all of the supplies (resist gutta, paint, etc) to complete a scarf. I also offer a selection of patterns to follow, or you may bring your own design. Designs should be like coloring book – outlines, minimal details. We start by drawing the resist lines via tracing onto the silk. Then the silk is stretched on a frame, and painted. At the end of the day you will be able to wear it home. Because it is a full day i will provide lunch, and have coffee, tea and water available. If you have any questions please email us: imagesinbloom@mephibashef

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