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Summer has set in, and we are feeling the heat.  We have a two week lull before the art fair season picks up speed.  Our July ends with the last Thursday thru Saturday at Lakeside, Ohio.  If you have never been to Lakeside you should put it on your agenda to visit.  Lakeside is a gated summer community, a part of the Chautauqua movement, featuring art, sports, lecture series and faith.  The community is made up of quaint charming Victorian cottages and grand bed and breakfasts, and that Lake Erie presence in the front yard.  We will be setting up our ten in front of the grand lakeside hotel, along the lakefront.   The days are sweet, and slow, and the cares of life melt away with the gentle slow vacation feel.  We really love the bed and breakfast we stay at also, with the “best breakfast in Lakeside”.

August will bring lots of traveling.  The first weekend in August we are in Zainesville for the Y-Bridge Festival, located in the large park, and on the bridge, with over 100 artists from around the state.  Y-Bridge is a first time for us, and we are looking forward to the festival.  I will be demonstrating silk painting in the booth at the request of the festival committee.  That’s always fun to see people react to the process.    The following weekend we will be in Cambridge Ohio for the Salt Fork Art Festival.  Salt Fork is a longstanding festival that attracts 75 artists from the region, set in the beautiful municipal park.   And the last full weekend of August we will be in York Pennsylvania for the York Fest Art Festival.  York was one of the capitals of the United States during the revolutionary war.  The downtown York is charming, with revolutionary war era buildings and beautiful victorian architecture.  We are situation on the rails and trails, a tree line parkway that runs along the Coderus river.  Visit our schedule page for all of the details of our schedule.

Whats hot this month?  Gardener’s soap is a big seller this month.  Everyone is in their gardens, picking weeds, and attending to their luscious gardens and all of those dirty hands need a soap that will clean everything up.  Our gardeners soap is scented with lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint and we add cornmeal to the formula to offer a gentle scrubbing agent.

Steve & Barb Bloom

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