Hello!!! Welcome

Our online shop is always open, and we always ship free.

Welcome to Images in Bloom Studios website. We are glad you joined us.

We are finishing up October and as I write this the fall leaves are at peak color. The holidays are coming up fast. We have a fun schedule through the end of the year but want to remind you that our online sale goes only till November 15th

Our next in person event is in mayfield Heights and if you are in the area we hop you stop:

In other news we now have Bloom merch! We are offering tshirts, long sleeve crews and hoodies. Visit our merch shop to see the styles and colors we offer.

Silk Play days are on hold for now until i can locate a room sufficient to handle having people in to paint silk. Our new studio is a much cozier, and smaller space with no room to have play days.

Be sure to also check out the fine retailers carrying our products.


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