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Fall is in the Air!



Hello Autumn… with the cooler temperatures and the vibrant colors we welcome the change.  You know its fall when Steve begins wrapping Pumpkin Spice Soap bars, and our latest seasonal – Autumn Breeze with notes of spice and a hint of sweet tobacco.  I have been painting fall themed scarves, and thinking of apple cider and pumpkin pie.

We had a great weekend at Tremont Art and Culture Festival, visiting old and new friends alike.  And yes, in typical tremont fashion we had a bit of a downpour – but it was at the start and we the hearty artists rode it out… to have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you one and all who visited, and shared your lives with us.  We felt so blessed.

Steve and I are taking a couple weeks off the shows just to tool up for some big events coming soon:

October 8th we are at Lakeside for the Lakeside Lighthouse Festival, and our shop will be out front of Idylwild Bed and Breakfast in Lakeside itself.  We are praying for no rain because we cant set up a tent on the front lawn – so join us in hoping for wonderful weather.  Otherwise we will be hiding on the porch.

October 16th is Textile Art Alliance’s fall boutique and fashion show at Landerhaven and i am delighted to be back there again this year.  I am working on some unique signature pieces in silk cocoon, and some special pieces of silk.  And a new series of wire crochet bead embroidered brooches.  As we get close i will post more.

Also, As we get closer to the holiday season how would you like to make your own gifts?  I am offering a series of silk painting classes that will show you how to paint your own scarf.  It can be quite a lot of fun and you will have a wearable piece of your own art.   See below for details!

Our schedule is always being updated on the schedule tab of this website.  

New or trending products for us include :

We are now offering a new line of Shaving Brushes – and they are more deluxe than we previously carried.  Our latest offerings include Vie-Long Peleón Horse Hair Shaving Brush, which are brushes made in Valencia Spain from the finest horse hair available.  The brush offers a longer bristle bundle, and gently lathers the soap.  This is a luxurious brush that will last long, offer great value and add to your shaving enjoyment.  This is the brush above at left. (size is Height-105mm, Loft-60mm, Knot-23mm)  And we are delighted to also offer Progress Vulfix Pure Badger Brush With A Cream Moulded Handle which is produced on the Isle of Man. (Height-100mm, Loft-50mm, Knot-20mm).  Badger is the premiere choice for shaving, and is a lifetime purchase.  Ofcourse we offer hand thrown ceramic bowls and our wonderful shaving soap in 5 choices (Sandalwood, Bay Rum

Solid Perfumes.  1 oz tins are poured with a blend of coconut oil, shea butter and bee’s wax, and a generous amount of essential oils.

  • Hessler Hippie – Patchouli scented with orange and clove.
  • Sandalwood Vanilla – Soft and very feminine
  • Lavender Lemon – Clean lavender with a hint of crisp lemon
  • Peppermint – Bright and minty – and apparently several customer report they like smelling peppermint when they feel queezy while traveling.
  • Heat of Summer – sultry and hot – patchouli, vetiver, spice

Want to take a class in Avon at Creative Space Art and More?

I will be teaching two classes  at 33760Lear Industrial Parkway in Avon.  Click here for Details

Or take a class at my studio (Artcraft Building in downtown Cleveland):

We are delighted to offer classes this fall on french resist silk painting.  My classes are 4 hours in length, held at our studio at 2570 Superior Ave, Cleveland Ohio (the Art Craft Building).  The class will consist of drawing a design with resist on an 11″x 60″ piece of silk, stretching the silk on a frame, and painting the silk.  I can provide simple designs, or you can bring your sketch or thoughts of what you wish to paint.  The silk scarf will be mailed to you within 1 week of the class as i have to take it home to steam set the colors.  Included is a booklet with instructions and a list of where to buy the supplies.  Classes are limited in size.  Cost is $70.00, payable the day of the class.  It is a fun 4 hours, and i provide coffee/tea and snacks.

Wednesday, October 19th 6p-10p

Sunday, November 6th 2pm-6pm

Saturday, November 12th, 10am-2pm

Sunday, November 13th 2pm-6pm

Sign Up Here:


You can now shop right from our website.  Click the shop tab above.  Use coupon code SHIPFREE and we will ship your purchase for free.


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  1. Hi, Just wondering about the essential oils you use. Are they synthetic or therapeutic grade 100% pure? Thank you.

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