Hello!!! Welcome

Our online shop is always open, and we ship free***.

Thankfulness is top of mind, especially we are thankful for your support and patronage. You are what makes us smile.

First , we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your patronage throughout the year. Your encouragement has cheered us on to a fabulous year for our business. We are delighted to face growing pains and learning curves on scaling up our business thanks to you. We loved most those opportunities to chat with you in person, and to see your faces. We are very grateful for everyone that visited the ArtCraft sale last weekend. You inspired us to think bigger next year for the studio sale.

We are also grateful for the retailers that have allowed us to offer our soap in their shops. So wonderful and gracious!!

Finally, we have a few last minute events leading up to Christmas:

78th Street Studios during Cleveland Bazaar : Steve and i have refreshed our display at 78th Street Studio – we have a small space in Studio #203, which is Allan Kradlak and Jeff Dube’s studio space. We will not be there but Jeff is there to sell you our soap.

Prosperity Glass Studio Holiday Sale : this is a several day long sale in the beautiful studio space of Kat and Laura. We are leaving a small display with them, however we will not be there due to our day job.

Hudson Chriskindlmarkt: will be friday, saturday, and sunday in the green around the clocktower in downtown Hudson. We will be in booth #21 which is on one of the paths in the park. Yes, we are outdoors, in tents… dress for the weather if you come to visit.. There is a lot of entertainment, german crafts, german foods, and a number of local artisans.

*** And yes, we are still shipping orders from our website, but caution that we are getting to the deadlines for making the delivery in time for christmas. If you are ordering online we urge you to buy more than 1-2 bars so we can ship it by UPS, avoiding the post office adventure. (that’s for another time to talk about the adventures we have had with the post office missing or loosing packages).

Blessings for a wonderful holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hannukkah, Merry Christmas and may 2022 be filled with wonder and prosperity!

If you have any questions please email us: imagesinbloom@gmail.com

Be sure to also check out the fine retailers carrying our products.