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Welcome to Images in Bloom Studios website. We are glad you joined us.

Great news ! We have moved our studio to the Twist Drill building, located at East 47th and Lakeside. We are on the 5th floor, with a wonderful view of the lake and burke lakefront airport. We are settling in and almost totally unpacked and finding our pace in the studio. This building is as old as Artcraft but the studio we chose was a new build out with fresh walls and clean white paint, wonderful lighting, and our own heating unit in suite. We have great views of the shoreway, the marina and the lake…. which should be wonderful.

In other news we now have Bloom merch! We are offering tshirts, long sleeve crews and hoodies. Visit our merch shop to see the styles and colors we offer.

Now that we are moved, we turn our sights to our calendar, waiting on jury results for a number of art festivals and we will be updating our calendar as we learn where we are going to be. I have updated with everything we know firmly is booked for the year however always update our website on a regular basis. And just a reminder that we are always online for shopping, and feature free shipping.

Silk Play days are on hold for now until i can locate a room sufficient to handle having people in to paint silk. Our new studio is a much cozier, and smaller space with no room to have play days.

Be sure to also check out the fine retailers carrying our products.


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