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September is here and we are excited for the cooler temperatures .  We have a few more shows coming up that we want to invite you to.  Coming up this weekend (September 15-16) is the 20th annual Tremont Arts and Culture Festival in Lincoln Park on West 14th Street in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland’s south side.  We will be in the artist village with 60-70 other artists, but the festival offers so much more.  Live stage, street performers, great food, ethnic eats, a beer garden, and a kids village.  (click the tremont logo to visit the festival website.)

We have a couple weeks of studio time to prepare for the next adventure, which is the Franklin PA Apple Festival, on October 5-7th.  Franklin PA is just south of Meadville, and it looks like there is something for everyone there… apples, apple eating, pie competition, 300 artists, a car show, and lots of music and food.  This is new for us, so we can only go by the website, and the recommendation of friends who have done the event in the past.  Its  going to be a great weekend for apple lovers!!!

Whats hot this month?  So Oud Lovely is our newest soap, featuring the exotic scent of Oud – derived from the resin of the agarwood tree which grows throughout asia.  Oud made its first appearance in the courts of the kings of Europe and the royalty of the Middle East.  It has become a popular ingredient in cologne and perfumes in the Middle East in recent years.  The fragrance is a but sweet with a spicy top note.  Our soap has deep notes of black pepper, Oud brightened with lavender and notes of fresh berries.

Steve & Barb Bloom

If you are interested in a Silk Play Day please fill out this form and i will be contacting you when my schedule is determined.  The first class will not be until late October due to our art fair schedule.

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