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Hello July!!! The summer is here, and we are enjoying the bright sunshine.

We are not planning to participate in as many art events this year, but our schedule is filling up a bit. Check out our schedule page for full details.

We have a new soap, known as “Cuz You Stink” which features persimmon. Persimmon is a natural ingredient that is said to remove the musty gusty body smells. We learned about persimmon and the use of this extract in soap from a friend that visited Japan, and came home with two bars of soap. She gave a bar of her Japanese soap to her elderly parents, and noticed that as they used it they did not have that usual older person smell. She asked us to research it, and finally the formula came together. We have tried it out in our shower and We think you will too!

Silk Play Days are back in our studio, and i have put up a schedule. Its a full day of fun, creating your own wearable art silk scarf. The kit includes a piece of silk measuring 11″x60″, and all of the supplies (resist gutta, paint, etc) to complete a scarf. I also offer a selection of patterns to follow, or you may bring your own design. Designs should be like coloring book – outlines, minimal details. We start by drawing the resist lines via tracing onto the silk. Then the silk is stretched on a frame, and painted. At the end of the day you will be able to wear it home. Because it is a full day i will provide lunch, and have coffee, tea and water available. If you have any questions please email us: imagesinbloom@gmail.com

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