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Our online shop is always open, and we always ship free.

Welcome to Images in Bloom Studios website. We are glad you joined us.

As we wind down to the end of the year we have one last in person sale this friday at 78th street studios, in #203 which is the studio of potter Allen Kradlak and jeweler Jeff Dube. The hours are 5p to 9p. And we are still shipping online orders out if you have last minute needs.

Barb was interviewed by Canvas Magazine about running a small business. If you would like to read the article click on the picture to visit the link

Silk Play Days are back in our studio however due to our pending move the future of these is unclear. Its a full day of fun, creating your own wearable art silk scarf. The kit includes a piece of silk measuring 11″x60″, and all of the supplies (resist gutta, paint, etc) to complete a scarf. I also offer a selection of patterns to follow, or you may bring your own design. Designs should be like coloring book – outlines, minimal details. We start by drawing the resist lines via tracing onto the silk. Then the silk is stretched on a frame, and painted. At the end of the day you will be able to wear it home. Because it is a full day i will provide lunch, and have coffee, tea and water available. If you have any questions please email us: imagesinbloom@gmail.com

Be sure to also check out the fine retailers carrying our products.


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