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Wefullsizerender-2lcome 2017! And welcome to you.  Glad you stopped by our website.  Lots of excitement going on in our studio these days.

We are busy stocking the great shoppes that carry our products.  We are so thankful for each of them, and look forward to another great year of partnering with them.

And we are developing some new products.  One item is not for humans, but for our fur friends.  Research turned up an interesting recipe for protecting the pads of dogs paws when the winter weather hits the deep freeze.   Its a simple formula, nontoxic to dogs (or humans) and it both adds a sealing coat of protection from frost, and salt as well as the oils in the formula moisturize those tough paw pads a bit.  We made a batch a month ago and asked a select group of people to trial them on their dogs.  Feedback has been encouraging.  One user reports their dog was initially resistant but now holds her paws out to get the paw protection lotion applied.  Another reports that their dogs paw pads are softer, and feel like butter now… plus the dog has stopped constantly picking at her paws.  On the home front Sammy the beagle is enjoying it however Daisy the terriorist has been a hint resistant.  She does allow it to be applied.   We should be posting this to our shop shortly.

And we have published our schedule for classes.  (Its below in the two blog posts at the bottom of the page).

Thanks for stopping, enjoy the visit and please stop back often .


You can now shop right from our website.  Click the shop tab above.  Use coupon code SHIPFREE and we will ship your purchase for free.


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