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Welcome Creatives!!!


Weapons of Mass Creation is here…. and we are so delighted to be a part of the action.  You will find our display of soaps in the lobby of the State Theater all weekend.  Please stop, talk with us.  We love to share our story and encourage you on yours.  One thing we are learning is that whatever you make or market, the product should be well designed, and well crafted, but the real selling point is you.  People come to see you, and want to know your story.  So tell it!  Shout it out to the world.  Your story is the unique difference in a world of creative marketers.

Our schedule is always being updated on the schedule tab of this website.  

New or trending products for us include :

We are now offering a new line of Shaving Brushes – and they are more deluxe than we previously carried.  Our latest offerings include Vie-Long Peleón Horse Hair Shaving Brush, which are brushes made in Valencia Spain from the finest horse hair available.  The brush offers a longer bristle bundle, and gently lathers the soap.  This is a luxurious brush that will last long, offer great value and add to your shaving enjoyment.  This is the brush above at left. (size is Height-105mm, Loft-60mm, Knot-23mm)  And we are delighted to also offer Progress Vulfix Pure Badger Brush With A Cream Moulded Handle which is produced on the Isle of Man. (Height-100mm, Loft-50mm, Knot-20mm).  Badger is the premiere choice for shaving, and is a lifetime purchase.  Ofcourse we offer hand thrown ceramic bowls and our wonderful shaving soap in 5 choices (Sandalwood, Bay Rum

IMG_0675[1]Don’t Bug Me Lotion Bars – A blend of Bee’s Wax, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil. Grapefruit Seed Oil, and an EO Blend (Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Geranium, Citronella, Tea Tree) which we pour into a dial up tube.  The lotion melts at skin temperature and gently rubs into the skin.  Our customers are reporting it is very effective for keeping the mosquitoes and ticks away.  We tested it last summer when we went deep into mosquito dense forest edge to pick jewelweed.  The only mosquito bite I received was behind an ear where i did not put lotion on.  Our tube is available at several retail outlets, online and with us at shows (listed above) and is $7.00

Solid Perfumes.  1 oz tins are poured with a blend of coconut oil, shea butter and bee’s wax, and a generous amount of essential oils.

  • Hessler Hippie – Patchouli scented with orange and clove.
  • Sandalwood Vanilla – Soft and very feminine
  • Lavender Lemon – Clean lavender with a hint of crisp lemon
  • Peppermint – Bright and minty – and apparently several customer report they like smelling peppermint when they feel queezy while traveling.
  • Heat of Summer – sultry and hot – patchouli, vetiver, spice

Class Signup:

Classes are held in our studio located at the Art Craft Building, 2570 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, OH however because our space is not air conditioned i tend to not hold classes in the summer.  Look for a schedule as we approach fall.  I will be putting out a sign up here on this page and will reply via email to confirm your registration.  Payment can be made in person on the day of the class via cash, check or credit card.  If you would prefer to pay ahead of the class i will include a link in the confirmation.



You can now shop right from our website.  Click the shop tab above.  Use coupon code SHIPFREE and we will ship your purchase for free.


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  1. Hi, Just wondering about the essential oils you use. Are they synthetic or therapeutic grade 100% pure? Thank you.

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