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We are spending time in the studio preparing for our next endeavors. Bath Art Festival was postponed because of threatening weather/ We are always appreciative of show organizers that are looking out for our best interest – there is nothing more challenging than thunderstorms with our product only protected by a tent. Thank you Renee!!! So our next events are Third Friday this friday at 78th street studios in the studio of Allan Kradlak and Jeff Dube (#204), And our next adventure is Auburn Arts District in Auburn (just east of Chagrin Falls) on friday and Saturday July 8 and 9. And end the weekend with the rescheduled Bath Art Festival on Sunday July 10th.


Silk Play Days are back in our studio. Its a full day of fun, creating your own wearable art silk scarf. The kit includes a piece of silk measuring 11″x60″, and all of the supplies (resist gutta, paint, etc) to complete a scarf. I also offer a selection of patterns to follow, or you may bring your own design. Designs should be like coloring book – outlines, minimal details. We start by drawing the resist lines via tracing onto the silk. Then the silk is stretched on a frame, and painted. At the end of the day you will be able to wear it home. Because it is a full day i will provide lunch, and have coffee, tea and water available. If you have any questions please email us: imagesinbloom@gmail.com

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