We are open Online!!!

And we are still making fabulous cold processed natural soap. One of the big benefits of our soap, apart from it being chemical free, and natural, is that we create a soap that is superfatted – meaning it is very moisturizing. In this time of 

Our schedule

Hello Summer! we are rolling out to a few select events this summer… among which is our beloved Lakeside Art & Craft Festival. (dont tell anyone, but this is also our working vacation… enjoying the gentle breezes, the kind people and an age gone by.) 

Changes and decision

This past year, or to be honest the last few years, i have found myself consumed with social media. Its become a major addiction that consumed time, and my energy. Sure its nice to catch up on that news about friends, or see those cat 

Staying healthy in a crazy time

how do we stay healthy in a crazy time we live in? i am thinking about the obvious things we can do to stay healhty… explore my list

Walk in the Woods

There is something special about a walk through a lush forest – fresh scents of the pines, and the green leaves… energizing and restorative to the soul. Inspired by this experience we created a soap of that name which offers a fresh and clean scent, rich lather and gentle cleaning….