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And we are still making fabulous cold processed natural soap. One of the big benefits of our soap, apart from it being chemical free, and natural, is that we create a soap that is superfatted – meaning it is very moisturizing. In this time of 

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Spend just a few minutes reading, researching and looking around our globe. Its a crazy time frought with dangers, war, disease, and peril. And we here in America seem to feel insulated from major issues. Yet inflation is rising, prices are skyrocketing on everyday goods… 

How’s your summer going?

The summer of 2022 has been monumental for me. I retired from the day job I work only to find that I am busier and have a much more purpose filled life now.Life is always filled with lessons and take away to build a better 

That summer sun

Something is very restorative, healing, mesmerizing about the warmth of the sun flooding everything with fresh light. I have felt more alive as the days have grown longer, and the sun has been shining bright. Sunlight is so important to our health, whether physical or 

Great news

We applied to the Cincinnati Summer Fair event in june, and word has come that my silk is juried into the event. Summerfair 2022, will be held 13 miles from downtown Cincinnati at historic Coney Island:6201 Kellogg Avenue / Cincinnati / OH / 45228 (just