Investment in your development

Everything in like life takes effort, good direction, and the right tools. Start an art business and you know that you have the capacity to create beautiful things but how do you invest in yourself ?How do you know how to market yourself ? And […]

Come out and play!!!!

Long over due, my calender and the studio space are now in order and we are excited to offer Silk Play days in September, October and November. What is a silk play day? It is a full day workshop that you will learn the basics […]

Lakeside Chataqua

We are fresh from 5 days at our most favorite spot to visit during the summer.  Lakeside Chataqua is a summer community founded by the Methodists in the 1870s as a summer community with purpose.  Modeled on the original, Lake Chataqua New York idea, this […]

Winter Dry Skin

As i write this post the temperature outside in frosty Cleveland is 12 degrees farenheit, with a wind chill that feels like -20 on the skin. That deep freeze cold can be brutal on our skin, causing at least drying, and at worst frostbite. Are […]

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