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And we are still making fabulous cold processed natural soap. One of the big benefits of our soap, apart from it being chemical free, and natural, is that we create a soap that is superfatted – meaning it is very moisturizing. In this time of 

Work life balance

How do you balance work and home life? Wow that’s a question that depends on the day. I start every day with a plan, but the tyrant of the urgent takes over and sometimes disrupts best laid plans. Now that my work is exclusively our 

Do you like Bergamont?

I am an old fan of Earl Gray tea, which was my first introduction to Bergamot. I knew nothing about it except i liked the taste. Well that changed as i researched further, finding that Bergamot is a rather ugly by our standards green citrus 


What book could you read over and over again? The Bible… at every reading I’m learning something new, picking up detail I never saw or perceived before… it’s the best. And there are so many lessons for skillful living. I have made it a practice 

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