A new year, a new energy

A new year brings a whole bunch of emotions and thoughts to the forefront. If you are like me, and i bet you are, the new year signals a clean slate, a fresh start, a new opportunity to take a run at ideas, projects, or […]

Merry Christmas !

We wish for you a very Merry Christmas, filled with joy and love, and a prosperous and happy new year. As we end 2019 Steve and I also wish to thank you for your support, patronage and encouragement. We have had an adventurous year of […]

Come out and play!!!!

What is a silk play day? It is a full day workshop that you will learn the basics of designing and painting a silk scarf using the resist or “serti” method. You can pick from my drawings, or bring your own to use as a […]

Lakeside Chataqua

We are fresh from 5 days at our most favorite spot to visit during the summer.  Lakeside Chataqua is a summer community founded by the Methodists in the 1870s as a summer community with purpose.  Modeled on the original, Lake Chataqua New York idea, this […]

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