Author: Barbara Bloom

Bloom Merch

I took the plunge, and we now have a tshirt with the new bloom logo. It is in limited quantity on the web, which we hope you will like. They are a lovely soft cotton and come in various colors, and all of the common 


What tattoo do you want and where would you put it? Our culture is very steeped in the idea of expressing ourselves through art on our body. And that works for some people. I’m not the one to ever think I would be putting tattoos 

Life after corporate America.

If we are all honest we will agree that our job , our brilliant career, our purpose and station in life can be wonderful, or it can be politically charged. On the daily dealing with the whims and wishes of other people, ensuring the success 

On the road with the blooms

It’s that time of year to publish our schedule for the spring and summer. We’ve been busy plotting and planning event to attend as vendors. Very excited that our schedule is coming together with many familiar places and a few new ones. It will be