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Have you heard of impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome has become a popular topic on all of the podcasts i have been listening to lately. Until now i had not heard of it, although we all likely have wrestled with this without knowing the name of it. Impostor syndrome (also known as […]

Lakeside Chataqua

We are fresh from 5 days at our most favorite spot to visit during the summer.  Lakeside Chataqua is a summer community founded by the Methodists in the 1870s as a summer community with purpose.  Modeled on the original, Lake Chataqua New York idea, this […]

2018 – a year in review

Here we are at that transition to another year. It seems like the years are flying by faster and faster as we grow older. This year has been in my thoughts quite a bit lately. I have developed this funny habit of reviewing the year […]