Hey Where can we find your stuff? The old faithfuls

So blessed to say that we have a number of connections that have kept our products in amazing shops and we have a solid customer base in those locations.  Here is the list of shops we have been blessed to be a part of for some time: Bay Village, OH- Bay Arts Gallery and Shop   … More Hey Where can we find your stuff? The old faithfuls

interesting article on habits

Yes, i admit i tend to read those catchy articles like “The habits of the World’s Smartest People”.  Somehow i find it interesting and perhaps validating to see what those who have become household names, and iconic in their status on the earth for their intellegence and contribution to the world.  I read such an … More interesting article on habits

the 3 Ps that count

OK, now i am starting to go formula on you here… no not really, but i think there are 3 important things to keep at the forefront of our thoughts when getting ready for a big event. Plan – our first p involves laying out a foundation, a direction with goals.  Without a plan for … More the 3 Ps that count