Whats New with Images in Bloom

We had a brisk August and early September and in the middle of this we launched a new item in our Men’s line.   Solid Cologne The Men’s line has included soap with masculine clean fragrances, which our customers have told us they like.  But 

Brand – Do you have a Brand?

Branding seems to be something that is coming up in my reading a lot.  And recently at an art show a well dressed woman leaned over to me and said “I like your brand – its clean, clear and simple.”  Aha!  The work we have 

Branding – what does your brand say to the world?

What does your brand say to the world? What colors do you use in your branding and what are they saying to the world? Are you effectively communicating your intention of the company to the world? Lots of questions, and lots of thought needs to 

Value, price, and the market

Sunday we participated in the “Affair on the Square” Art show in the charming square of historic Medina, Ohio.  The gazebo at the center of the square harkens back to the ginger-brick work of a classic Victorian structure.  And the park itself is designed as