Whats New with Images in Bloom

We had a brisk August and early September and in the middle of this we launched a new item in our Men’s line.   Solid Cologne

The Men’s line has included soap with masculine clean fragrances, which our customers have told us they like.  But we had people asking for something to suppliment the fragrance of the soap….   So the masterminds of Images in Bloom  went back to research and development.  Using a similar formula to that of the solid perfumes we make, the men’s solid cologne went with us to York, PA for Yorkfest Art Festival as a trial, and it was big.  We watched people buy them because they like the fragrance, and wanted something they can travel with.  Yes, the 1 oz tin can clear TSA for air travel, and its easy to slip in a briefcase, or backpack.

Currently we make 3 flavors of cologne:

  • Sexy Man – This is an enticing blend of bergamont, warm sandalwood and rich deep musk.  It is clean and vibrant.

    Wild Man – A more exotic scent, this is a blend of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk.  Woodsy yet evocative

  • World Traveler – Like the name of the soap, this scent is a blend of fragrances from around the globe – Lavender from France, Rich spices from the African Coast, Citrus from Italy, balanced by the woodsiness of Cedarwood from Colorado.

We will have these listed online soon.  Until then, visit us at Tremont this weekend to purchase one.  They come in a 1oz tin for $7.00