Soap – Memories of the Past

The memories people share of making homemade soap years ago is perhaps far from the modern method of soap making and handcrafting cold process soap. We are pleased to say the process is efficient, and the product is vegan, with no animal products used.

How does color affect you?

Throughout history color has been a statement of something…. From the rarety of colored garments seen only in royalty because the rest of us could not afford the dye, to the modern day where color explodes everywhere… how does color affect you? I have always 

MOCA movie

Several weeks ago Desiree Kellers of MOCA came out and filmed us in studio, and this is the segment she created for SpectaCLE. The video ran silently on the projected wall above us throughout the event.  Each artist was featured either with video or still 

Remembering the cost

Here we are approaching Memorial Day, and the memories are flooding back.  Memorial day has always been a day of remembering, of counting the cost, and remembering the brave men and women who defended this nation, and whose blood has paid for our freedom.  As