flagThis is the one day each year that we stop to reflect on tragic and traumatic events of September 11, 2001. As a nation we were gripped by such horror, challenged to stand up against such cruel calculations of destructive acts of a few people who want to break our country down.

This is a day to remember the husbands, and wives, sons and daughters who left us long before their time, left us with a world that is now forever changed.

As long as we live this will be a place in my heart and soul that has been affected greatly. My very safe and loved nation was attacked, fellow citizens perished, and more fought the fires, cleaned the destruction, and have fought the war.

It is my hope that the pain of such a day gently heals, and that our nation can rise up to be strong, leading the world in commerce, quality of life, and perpetuating the great hope and promise that is America.

But as long as i live, i will remember. No terrorist can take memory from us. Never!