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I am an artist!!!

I am an artist! How funny to type that sentence… and realize i am living it. As a child i loved art more than anything. give me paper, crayons, scissors, glue and turn me loose. As i grew up there was a steady diet of classes in various types of art… and i returned to sketching, doodling, and drawing.

The Old ArtCraft Building

Today is a free day in Meet the Maker March challenge, so we wanted to share a bit more about the building we make our studio in. Located on Superior avenue between East 25 Street and East 26 Street is a stately 1910 brick warehouse and former garment factory. In fact all of the buildings from East 20th to the I90 bridge were once a beehive of clothing production.

So what is on your desk?

so whats on your d esk? its meet the maker march and today thats the question. check out what is on our benches.

Our beliefs and values

We are continuing on meet the maker march and today we talk about our beliefs and values. At the core of everything we do we hold these truths closely.