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Sweet lil’ soap eggs are back

   We ususlly only make them for the spring, but baby showers are a perfect reason to whip up a batch.  Each soap is the size of a chicken egg, weighs 2oz and is the same wonderful formula….but kid hand size, fun, and can be […]

Soap Eggs Are Back – order here

Soap Eggs are back.  And they are one of our favorite seasonal offerings.  Each soap egg is made through the regular cold process method, using a standard olive oil formula, and molded into the size of a standard large chicken egg size. Each little paper […]

A return of Eggs for Spring

Spring is around the corner, and so is our hopes of warm weather, bright skys and spring flowers.  Last year we introduced soap molded into egg shapes.  Each soap is approximately the size of a standard large chicken egg, and is a great size for […]

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