Month: February 2014

Soap Making Class Offered

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make cold processed soap?  Cold processed soap is simply the blending of oils (and essential oils) with a water/lye solution.  The blending of these two types of liquid begins a process of turning the oils to a 

Enterperneurial Spirit

I just heard a saying that i thought was fascinating – “Enterpreneurs run toward things the rest of the world runs away from.” That has me thinking quite a good bit about my own spirit.  Do i have that sense, or sensability to do what 

What makes an enterpreneur?

Reading is a constant thing in my life… from blogs, posts, journals, to books… I want to get as much insight into life as i can.  And especially I want to fuel this fire in my belly for our business. Images in Bloom was born 

Our classes are listed

Yes, Steve and I are teaching classes this late winter. Visit our Classes tab