Month: March 2014

Business Practice – keeping it organized

Life has demands – little and big, that pull at our attention. And as the demands of a small business increase it is essential to be organized.  Efficiency is one aspect of why this is important. But there is more.  Clutter leads to chaotic challenges 

Sleep is very important

I have been reading more and more about the value and importance of a good night’s rest to our overall health and well being.  And i agree.  In the not so distant past I was working a part time job that was nights on the 

Three forces that shape Character

  One of my favorite blogs to read is that of Michael Hyatt.  He was the editor in chief of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  His blog is focused on developing leadership ideas.  And his writing is clear, concise and always very practical. This past week he 

Look out Novi Michigan!

Steve and I have been looking at what events and shows we have done in the past, and wanted to shake it up a little bit. That said, a month ago we submitted our application and photos to be juried into the The art fair