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Wet Shaving, Photography and style

The idea of wet shaving has come and gone in popularity – Many of the baby boomers will remember their fathers, uncles and g randfathers working hard at lathering up a shave brush and slathering that rich lather on their faces… but then came the […]


Have you considered Black Pepper in soap?

Black pepper, yes, the same substance you shake onto food for flavoring, is another ingredient that makes amazing body products.  So how much do you know about Black Pepper? It is a fruit! Yes, it is the fruit grown from the Piperaceae plant, native to southern […]

Its all in the brush!!

Yesterday i wrote about our shave soap, and today i wanted to chat about the brushes.  Like all things, there are starter brushes and there are lifetime purchases.  Shave brushes have different shapes, and are used slightly differently depending on the type of bristle used. […]

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