Its all in the brush!!


Yesterday i wrote about our shave soap, and today i wanted to chat about the brushes.  Like all things, there are starter brushes and there are lifetime purchases.  Shave brushes have different shapes, and are used slightly differently depending on the type of bristle used.  Recently we partnered with a wholesaler in England for a nicer and more varied array of brushes at reasonable pricing.  Here is my quick primer (and as it works out, we are progressing left to right in the photo above):

  • Boar Bristle Brushes (in the photo the left two are boar ).  Boar is a hollowed bristle that is stiffer than the rest.  It is considered the starter brush, to teach you how to work up a lather, and is very utilitarian.  Boar bristle brushes require the user to work lather up in the bowl, and use the brush to simply apply the later to the face.  The bristles are too stiff to work the lather up on the face.   Shown in the picture at far left is our travel brush.  The head is a straight standard 4″ bristle on a plastic handle with built in case.  The second brush from the left is a “professional length” boar bristle brush – longer bristles, and a curvaceous handle make this easy to use.
  • Horse Hair Brushes.  Our horse hair brushes are soft, luxurious and a great “lather on the face” type of brush.  The bristles are collected from several large horse farms in Spain, and formed into brush plugs.  We are assured that the bristles are from the manes of the horses obtained during grooming.
  • Badger – As you can see below, there are a number of different grades of badger brush, all are soft, luxurious, but the cream of the crop are the silver-tip badgers.   We currently are purchasing super badger – a lifetime purchase brush that will give long life, luxurious lather and soft pleasant feel.  We have several silver-tip badger brushes available as well
  • shav

    As we grow in our line of shaving we are also trying to offer stands that hold the brush upside down between shaves…. keeping the water from pooling at the bundle point of the brush.  Our experience has been that this lengthens the life of the brush.

    We are considering moving into a line of shavers in the near future…. From our text marketing during shows this summer we have discovered that better brushes attract a bigger interest in wet shaving.  We have actually spent a lot of time discussing wet shaving, and the benefits of it.  Right now the brushes are not available on our website – just with us at shows. If you are interested in more information drop us a line and we are happy to make some arrangements to meet with you or have you visit one of our events.



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