Wet Shaving, Photography and style

The idea of wet shaving has come and gone in popularity – Many of the baby boomers will remember their fathers, uncles and g

Our Professional Boar Bristle Brush is an all purpose shave brush, offering firm bristles that work up a rich lather for shaving. The handle is composite. Made by Omega of Italy it sells for $18.00

randfathers working hard at lathering up a shave brush and slathering that rich lather on their faces… but then came the age of instant – shave cream in a can – press a button and bam – there it is.

The Cachurro Horse Hair shave brush offers long bristles of gentle softness, a well balanced handle of wood and metal, from Spain, $30.00

Thankfully the gentility of the art of shaving, of pampered grooming is returning.  Partly because of an economical idea that it is much more cost effective to whip up a lather with a bar of shave soap, than to buy a can and press a button.  That shave cream in a can has an abundance of chemicals that wear down the edge of your razor quickly.  And there is a romantic sense that as one works up a lather they are harkening to a kinder and gentler age.  I will never know fully why the trend of wet shaving has returned to popularity, but i can tell you that we

Our black handled super badger is luxury! made in England, super badger is a very sloft yet durable bristled brush in a black composite handle. Your face will love the gentle feel of this brush working up the lather on your face. $35.00

have worked hard on developing our line of shave soap to bring a rich and creamy lather.  And we have sourced out some amazing handcrafted wheel thrown pottery from ceramic artist Alan Kradlak.  Each bowl is first wheel thrown, then hand carved to reveal unique patterning which is often one of a kind.  Alan uses lovely glazes to finish the works of art, and when fired they are vitrified, and ready for a lifetime of use.  Well, a bowl and soap is not complete without a brush.  We found a new source for brushes that are made in europe, and they are exceptional and affordable.  Our line of brushes start with a very basic travel brush in boar bristle with a handle that folds into itself when traveling.  Boar bristle brushes are the most firm of bristles, and are meant to be used only in the bowl for working up the lather.  Often this is the choice of barbers who p

Pure Badger is also luxurious. The difference between super and pur is the color of the bristles. Pure badger bristles are often darker, with very little whire or graying.

ractice wet shaving.  Our professional boar bristle brush is a well balanced  with longer bristles to the brush… its a great every day or starter brush.

We also have several versions of horse hair brushes, made in Spain.  Horse hair is a softer bristle, gentle to the face. Because of this lather can be built up on your face… its a sensory experience.  shown in the photo is our  Cachurro horse hair shave brush… its a wood / metal handle with long bristle brush.  Very well weighted and feels great in your hand.

Well, in order to adequately represent our products I have been working hard to upgrade my photography skills, using a tripod and a make shift light box area…. and i think the photos are much better than my past attempts.  (I still have to work on eliminating the shadows, but the products are nicely lit, well captured.

Our shave kits are completely customizable… shown below are a sample of the possiblities…. They all come boxed in a nice gift box, and we always ship free.

If you would like to see the listing in our shop click the title of the kit.  Here are the offerings: from left to right:

Shave kit (Boar Bristle Brush) featuring a ceramic bowl glazed in a cream and tones of brown glaze, paired with a bar of our Bay Rum Shave soap.  The boar bristle is a long bristle professional brush.  the kit is $45.00 and we always ship free.

Cachurro Shave Kit features a ceramic bown in tones of brown and a greenish beige wash with hints of lavender, accompanying a cachurro horse hair brush, and paired with a bar of our very own Lavender Lemon Shave soap.  the kit is $47.50

Super Badger Shave Kit features a ceramic bown in tones of browns and beiges, one super badger brush with black handle, and a bar of our Barber Shop Shave Soap.   The kit is $55.00

Pure Badger Shave kit features a ceramic bowl, a black handled pure badger brush and one bar of our shave soap.  super badger is extra soft bristled and makes for a super luxurious shave.

Visit our shop for our current selection of shave soap, brushes, and bowls.