Another interesting day

I was busy at my pc working on a report when my email notification told me there was a new email to read.  Usual fair during the day, i thought… I flipped over to email, and there was a message from someone i did not know… someone who works at the same company i do, and wanted to congratulate me on the nice article in the Sun News.

OMG, that reporter who attended the lecture last week in Brunswick actually filed her story.  I rushed to the web to read the story, but the Sun News had not put it up yet. I learned that they take sometimes 3-4 days to put all the articles up on the web. 

Eager to see what she wrote Steve and i drove to Brunswick, and bought a copy of the paper…. Here is the article.

Click to read article.

The reporter, Sam Boyer is the woman in the front row with the grape purple hair.  Thank you Sam… what an honor that you would write about my work.