River Light Gallery – Amazing

Several years ago we met Diane, the owner of River Light Gallery in Peninsula and knew that she was a woman who has a curated artistic eye.  Well, naturally because she is a photographer, with brilliant landscape scenes that are amazing.  Her work is always interesting, colorful and wonderfully framed.  We met her because she … More River Light Gallery – Amazing

Happy 246th Birthday America!

Oh so historic, and one of a kind, our nation was formed by a group of men wanting freedoms from the tyranny of a king, and the demands of their homeland for taxation, and economic suppression.  I have often thought how it must have been to be alive and witnessing this history in real time. … More Happy 246th Birthday America!

Ok, Can Artists Make Money?

We have all been duped to believe the romantic lie that all artists are starving, suffering for their passion to create beautiful things.  Is that true?  Can it be a lie? Recently I spotted a new book by a favorite author, Jeff Goins, titled “Real Artists Don;t Starve”  and my interest peaked.  OK, what could … More Ok, Can Artists Make Money?