Pinned and Pined Show Entries

I have been working hard to produce a series of pins and fall bracelets for the Pinned and Pined Show at the Dovecote Studios in Lakewood.  As I promised, I have finally had a moment to photograph a few of the entries… Can you believe I misplaced my camera (AAARGH!!!) so i was forced to use my cell phone to capture these images.   They a re not as crisp as i would hope, but i think you will enjoy the photos:

My Entries:

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Over the weekend i finished 4 more pins, but they a re not ready for prime time yet… need pin backs added, and final checks… those photos will follow.

As to the Pinned and Pined Show, you a re invited.  Here is the details of the grand opening event… and the show runs for 4 days only at the Dovecote Studios.  Plan if you can to attend the opening event…. the artists should all be there.  (there are 30 of us).

:::::::::::::::::::::::IN THE NEWS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 

For the first time in my art career I can say that the news media picked up both events i will be participating in on the third weekend of October:  The plain dealer picked up a blurb on Pinned and Pined, and also The Textile Art Alliance Boutique which is Sunday Oct 21. 

Here is the article:

I will be posting more of my work for Textile Art Alliance soon.  Primarily I will be offering my hand dyed silk scarves, but because i crochet wire i am able to bring the jewelry with me.  In addition i will be offering my reblooming bags (upcycled plastic grocery bag handbags and totes).