Our house overfloweth with goodies

I love how productive we can be, but there is another side of this productivity… it overflows into living spaces.  My dining room table has about 60 pounds of soap longing to be wrapped and prepared for market.  Neatly stacked piles of soap labels, wrappers and the deli paper dispensor also dutifully await our attention.

And we have a delegation of finished salt and sugar scrubs awaiting a place in an empty tote.

My dining room chairs are laden with totes, awaiting their precious cargo of soap.

And the car is packed for our adventurous afternoon tomorrow.  We are so excited to be a vendor for Cosmic Bobbins, a pop up shop that will be popping up at Shaker Square.  The store is a charming throwback to a different era when that was a wine shop… The wall shelving looks like old wine casks.  Delightful, and i can hardly wait to see how Shari Renee transforms the space into something amazing.

What else are we up to?

Negotiating with several stores to position our products there.  This year we are excited to get our product out to shops where people want to support local.  When our products sell we benefit and so does the shopkeeper.

New Product

Isn;t it funny that out of mistakes come new things?  A month ago I dyed a batch of silk, and  the type of dye i use requires the silk to be wrapped in newspaper, then a blanket, and placed atop a steaming rack, and the heat of the steam actually sets the dye.  It is a great process, and generally i haul an old copper clothing boiler (yes, a throwback to a century ago) up and fill it with water, get it boiling, drop my rack in, then the bundle.  On that night because i had only 4 pieces of silk i decided to use a pasta cooker (stock pot with a pasta insert that is elevated from the water by 2 inches. ).  Nice and usually works great, but i got distracted, and by the time i got back to the silk the water had almost completely boiled out, and the metal basket became far too hot, scortching the edges of two pieces of the silk.  Ofcourse it was one of my most amazing dye jobs… the colors were warm fall colors, and the dye broke in amazing ways,  but then there was a burnt strip every 4 inches…. yikes.

Well, last sunday at TAA a friend named Christine was selling beautiful flowers made of scraps of silk and other materials.  I gave her a piece of silk I was not selling (x2 years) and in exchange she gave me a silk rose.  So i studied it, and tonight i made a few.  Yes, i used my damaged silk… and i just love the outcome.  I need to get some pictures posted for you.  They are a bit bold, but on a hat, or a purse this might be a lovely accent.

The living room also looks like a crazy woman lives here, with one end table scattered with wire, beads, tools, and various projects in process.