Keeping track, and accounting for

One of the most clunky things about the business is remembering to keep a mileage log.  Often I forget to write it down.  Or i remember, but forget to capture the reading of the odometer on the car.

Ah, (deep sigh of dramatic relief) after 2 days, 1 old planner, google maps, and a wonderfully set up excel spreadsheet i am happy to report that my mileage log for 2012 is done.  IRS will be happy to know that we logged  3,227 miles for our business in the past year, including deliveries to galleries, traveling to destinations for events, and picking up supplies to keep the business running.

I am serious in this request – do you have a system that works for you to efficiently keep track of miles?  An app on the cell phone?  A trick to remember to log the events?  I can really use your insight… please leave comments!