Month: November 2016

Lakeland Artist Market

Hello Lakeland Community College, Just a quick note to say we are looking forward to our two day visit.  We packed a great selection of soap, shaving products and silk scarves… see you monday

MOCA movie

Several weeks ago Desiree Kellers of MOCA came out and filmed us in studio, and this is the segment she created for SpectaCLE. The video ran silently on the projected wall above us throughout the event.  Each artist was featured either with video or still 

Art as an economic indicator

  The economy is something we are all affected by, made aware because of our income and spending capacities.  Until i began this business i paid a bit of attention to the economy, but i was not searching for trends, patterns, behaviors. Economics is one 

Prosperity Holiday Show

  This time of year is filled with activity, and shopping.  Why not combine all the best of shopping  (local artistic, handcrafted wonderfulness) with good food and great fun… and call it the Prosperity 28th Annual Holiday Party and Sale?  Yes.  Its a wonderful day