This week: Enterpreneurship

I am trying to be better about themes for a week at a time on the blog. This week i am diving into a conversation about how to start your own business, what it takes, what to consider, and what the strengths/weaknesses are.

Its funny – looking back over my life to this point i never imagined i would have a soap and silk buisiness with my husband. this year (2020) marks the 10 year mark on our business, which we are celebrating with great joy.

We jumped into a business at the least practical time… cash flow was almost non existant, and income in general was sparse. We were both in the height of the great recession, jobless, and fighting for our financial, emotional, physical and spiritual health. So not practical, but it was a life saving event.

I want to encourage you that if you have a dream to do something know that it is never convenient, affordable, or the “right time”. and now the famous words of advice we offer you:


This week we are considering the life and times of a small business ownership. We hope you find the information helpful. Leave a comment.