So it has been 1 1/2 years…

The world changes in March of 2020 with the lockdown and the invasion of covid into our world. And things changed as we knew life. Most of us woke up to go to work by turning on a laptop and logging onto the internet from our homes. The days of driving into the office, and being in person for work ground to a halt… In the earliest part of the pandemic we were not sure of anything, and the news media cranked up the hype… We all stayed home. We ate at home, and we only chatted with people at a great distance. Gone were the hugs, the face to face communication, and in were zoom meetings with our household pets joining us in staff meetings, and discussions.

its a year and a half later, some of the crazyness has lifted, but we as a society have changed. Many of us found that working from home was productive, and cost saving because we were not putting the wear and tear on the car, buying gas, or spending money on coffee and lunch out.

But the changes have also had emotional and mental changes too. As people we are wired to have companionship, to not be alone. One of the first things we began hearing when we returned to doing art shows is this :

Its so great to see your face, and chat in person. We have missed this.

Its so good to be out and around other people.

Wow, this is so much better than texting. but i think i have to learn again how to carry on conversation in person.

While the world has changed, isolated us from each other, we were wired to be around other people, and we need to see each other, and carry on decent communication. There is something unique about n person communication that cant be replaced with zoom meetings. What do you think?