Is it just me?

I was raised in an era when it was a crime if you forgot to use please or thank you. And as i entered the work force customer service was a critical skill that was always in demand. Learning to respect others, and go the extra mile to listen to their concern, or source their answer.

One of my first jobs was working for an office supply chain that sold books, office supplies and office furniture… and there were often customers that needed a bit of help finding something, or solving a problem with office supplies. To be honest i loved the opportunity to serve the customers and help as needed. But i dont think this is being taught any more.. Let me tell you a little story.

We ran out of paper for the printer, so i ran up to an office supply store, and noticed a huge display of reams of paper stacked right next to the checkout counter. Big sign on top of the display indicated 2 reams for $12. It was what i was looking for so i grabbed 2, put them on the counter, and she said that will be $24. I piped up as i pointed to the sign “Hey, i thought they are on sale 2 reams for $12”. The clerk actually said “What are reams?” I explained, and continued to press her that the sale price would make the total $12 plus tax. She looked stumped. She called for someone else to help her, and they resolved the confusion. She took my money and i thanked her. She rolled her eyes that i had put her out by having her correct the price. Nothing more i could do to change her attitude, or her view…. but wow,that should have gone so much easier… If i had a teachable moment i would have said to her :Admit the mistake, and correct it, and thank the customer for waiting. she was not so open to that.

And as we look around the simple politeness is lacking. How did this disappear from our society? Or is it just me?