An odd year so far, how about you?

Winter came to visit and has been spending more time that we all hoped, with freezing temperatures, and gray skies most of the time. We really long for the warm sunny days of summer when walking barefoot in the garden renewed a sense if energy. But the truth is we are in January, and we live in the north, so the climate is bound to bring snow and freezing for the winter.

On the studio front we have been crunching numbers to try to make sense of the rising cost of our supplies. We faced a hard decision – do we raise the price of our soap or do we reconfigure our bars slightly smaller to compensate for the increased cost. (pink himalayan bars are not changing size). We have been committed to maintaining the quality of our soap, and believe it is not fair to raise our prices. So we have been spending January retooling our labels, and making a slightly smaller bar of soap. Now our bars are a firm 4 ounce bar, measuring slightly less wide. It as an agonizing decision because we have kept the size of bar for the entire time we have been in business.

So, January has been a process of retooling, manufacturing the new size bars, and updating all of the packaging. We should be ready for full business by February 1.