How are you handling life?

On January 1 of 2021 i think we all thought we were saying good bye to a pandemic crazy year, and hello to more of a normal year. But as the months roll on the news of our world seems to be continuing to spin out of the normal path, leaving us learning to cope with stress, and try to find new skills for getting through it. I have to be honest in that there are times when i feel a bit like a child wanting to yell “make it stop”, expecting a magical wand’s pass return us to a world we once understood. But it is clear that wont be happening.


What are you listening to? Are you a music fan? I love a lot of different music, but when it comes down to just me in the room i love classical music and run back to Mozart. Music has a soothing and motivating effect on 

What era of art is your favorite?

Art echos history, offering clear insight into the world at the time the work was created. From the statues and mosaics of the ancient world to our post modern sensibilities there is something just about everyone would love. As for me, for some reason i 

What inspires me?

I am a sponge, absorbing information, and inspiration from so many sources. I have spent time trying to determine what is the greatest source of inspiration… and that was hard to pin down. But here are the top things that influence my art and my