What are you listening to? Are you a music fan? I love a lot of different music, but when it comes down to just me in the room i love classical music and run back to Mozart. Music has a soothing and motivating effect on me… i find myself having more energy wen i am listening to something peppy. House work gets done quicker, and my spirits seem lifted. Or on a cold and rainy evening music softens the sounds of the storm.

There a number of neuro science studies on the impact of music on brain, all of which are fascinating. One study years ago from harvard suggested that brain processing power is improved by listening to classical music. In particular they called this the Mozart effect. Opinions vary about the truth of this theory. But there are some vary fascinating ideas and results that have come with the study of music impact on our brains. In a study by University of Central Florida here are some findings they have published:

So what are you listening to these days? Know that your music listening can help you in great ways.