How are you handling life?

On January 1 of 2021 i think we all thought we were saying good bye to a pandemic crazy year, and hello to more of a normal year. But as the months roll on the news of our world seems to be continuing to spin out of the normal path, leaving us learning to cope with stress, and try to find new skills for getting through it. I have to be honest in that there are times when i feel a bit like a child wanting to yell “make it stop”, expecting a magical wand’s pass return us to a world we once understood. But it is clear that wont be happening. So how about you? What can you do to cope with our world, our nation, and our lives in this extended pandemic mayhem?

  1. Turn off the Television – Its clear that the majority of the fuel for stress are those stories that always focus on the negatives of life. We came to grips with how the tv was impacting us and shut it off in early February – what a difference it has made.
  2. Take up a hobby – whether it is growing orchids, reading books, journaling, gardening, or restoring an old car, do something that will take your time, and talent and provide you with the satisfaction of accomplishing.
  3. Exercise – take the dog for a walk, or run on the treadmill, jump around to a zumba video. Expending energy in any form releases some of the tensions of life, and actually offers a way of detoxing.
  4. Get enough sleep – quality and routine sleep time is necessary to cope with life…. and with all of the constant bombardment of what seems like a crazy train taking the time to get a routine in bed time is essential. Sleep is restorative. When we lack sleep experts indicate this can increase our likelihood of reduced immunity.
  5. Eat right – avoid the fast food and really sink into a nice meal that offers quality food, and comforting nourishment.
  6. Keep up with friends and family – online, on the phone, or in person…. we need each other and time spent with friends is always restorative.
  7. Start learning something new – take up a language, or learn how to do plumbing…. try something you have not known how to do before… Just to try it.
  8. Get to know your neighbors better – whether just chatting in the driveway, talking gardening, or helping each other with things, build your community starting at home

None of these suggestions change the news of our world, but certainly they take our focus from what we cannot change. A growing sentiment is to also look at your local community and take interest in running for office or becoming involved in your school board. If you are inclined or willing to get involved to change your community there are amazing opportunities, and lots of resources to be found.