Month: October 2012

Dying silk

I think if you did not know me, or my need to feel the silk while dying you might think I am a lunatic with blue and green hands.  I know…wear gloves…but there is something that takes the silk dying to a different place when 

Exclusivity Contracts/Clauses

Ok, i can;t sleep with this howling hurricane force wind outside and the restlessness of my dogs… so i have turned to the computer and decided to research something that i see popping up here and there in contracts with galleries.  that clause is the 

Opened Doors

As one door closes another opens.  This year has been a stretching and growing time for us.  Our model of taking the products on the road to shows, and festivals has worked somewhat, but with the slowed economy we have noticed the impact on the 

Silk Floral Pins

Here is one of the silk flowers I made yesterday from damaged pieces of silk.