Baby Shower & Soap

One of those interesting opportunities we have had was to do baby shower favors for an artist friend a year ago.  Steve actually made his own mold from 2 stage silicone and used wooden eggs the size of large chicken eggs to create 18 cavaties.  The soap turns out so
amazing…done in Robin’s egg blue repleate with speckled the soap looks lifelike. 

Well when word came of planning for my niece’s Cleveland baby shower you know I wanted to do something sweet for favors…..


Steve made a few batches of blue eggs in sweetgrass fragrance, and a few batches of yellow eggs in sunshine fragrance….and I put them together in little cardatock baskets I made.  They nest in white crinkle, held in by a small tie of netting, and topped with a custom card.


Last night I pulled them together to drop off with her step mom who is planning the shower.  I hope they like em.  My dining room ells amazing.