Spice Market Soap

Soapmaking is an interesting thing…. and as we learn more  the process becomes more refined.  We mold our soap in loaves, and subsequently cut them into bars.   Often there are slivers at either end of the loaf that are shaved off because they do not make perfect bars.  Those shavings are saved in a tub in our studio until we reach a pound or two… and then the magic begins.

We have been segregating these ends, and odd cuts into categories:

– Floral/Botanicals


– Spice

So it was my job to cut up these ends and odd cuts so that they are pieces no larger than an inch cubed.  Steve mixed up a fresh batch of cold process soap, adding clove and spice essential oils, then tossing these cuts into the base soap.  We have decided to call this “Spice Market” because there are a multitude of spices in the various soaps, now blended into the clove and spice base.  I promise to post photos after we unmold and cut the soap tonight.  We hope to roll out the soap for The Cleveland Flea, which is tomorrow at E62 and St Clair on Cleveland’s St Clair/Superior neighborhood.