Readers are Leaders

I was speaking with a fellow enterpreneur recently and she said “I made a promise to learn something every day, so that we can grow our business.”

Yeah!  I love to hear that, because that is the fundimental belief of my life… when i stop learning, reading, discovering then I will become stagnate.  And as another old friend told me decades ago “Readers  are leaders”.

That said, a number of years ago Steve and I read a book on business called “Good to Great” written by Jim Collins.  It was a detailed look at business, the concept of what worked and has sustained, grown and flourished; and the converse – what has at one point been successful but lost momentum, and died.  There are so many lessons to be learned from this book.  I recently wrote of the flywheel concept in business… it  takes initially great energy to get the wheel moving, but once it is moving it takes sustained attention, but not nearly the level of energy as if it were at a dead stop.

I wanted to suggest to you that in order to grow, determine to read something good for your mind, and your soul.  Fill your thoughts  with ideas, find a mentor to encourage and develop in you what you do not know, but make a decision to learn something and read something daily.