The joy of teaching

On a hot and sunny saturday, with a good friend by my side, there was nothing more fun that teaching a class on Japanese Resist silk dying.  It seemed like a lot of work, preparing the silk, getting my hubby to cut pvc pipes for us, putting together the dye, the packages, the manual… and yet once we actually plunged into the work of dying  there was a magic that happened.

Personalities burst forth… from the very free wheeling adventurous types to the precision and exacting science of getting every ripple in the silk even, and fiercly pleating.  The color choices varied… no two scarves turned out alike.  I love that so much.

And as we worked there was opportuntiy to share, to learn about each other and our lives… and to make friends.  It was so nice to have my friend Donna there to help… she is so very wonderfully a people person, and just had amazing conversations with the ladies.

i worried that i had planned too much down time in the class… because silk does have to dry, and we do have to take a lunch break…. but it seemed to be just the right amount of time.. .they could excape and visit the many amazing vendors offering everything from knitting needles and yarn to alpaca roving, and spinning / weaving demos.  Yes, a fiber festival worthy of creating an economic impact on amyone who loves the fiber arts.  Glad i came without much money… because I wanted to buy everything i saw!!!!

Back to teaching… i love the lessons i learn from the women who come to my classes.  I learn of passion, inspiration, and joy through creativity.  And a willingness to experiment with something new… it was great to see.

Teaching, someone once told me, is that delicate balance of being only a few steps ahead of your students… and as you travel that path you, the teacher, must push forward, gain new ground, learn new things always, because there will be someone on your heels looking for those answers.  I like that challenge.  It feeds my creativity, as well as my desire to build up my professional art knowledge and skills.  Like all of life, i never want to stop growing, learning, and developing.

And on days like this, when i think of the joy we 7 women shared in creating something, learning together, and growing… it is a blessing and privileged to lead a class.