Scenes from Textile Art Alliance Fashion Show and Boutique

I wrote earlier in the week about this event, and how it is perhaps the most wonderful and encouraging event I do as an artist.  I am ever amazed at the ways people express their creativity in fashion and art that is wearable.

I was surrounded by wonder and awe. I only wish i had the time to carefully photograph the work for you to see it.  The Alpaca Farm that set up immediately behind me had wonderful and unusual things.  The artist was wearing a cardigan that appeared to be made of alpaca fibers and something else.  We got to talking and I found out the something else was an old lace table cloth from her mother.  You could just see a little texture, and you did not see the lace completely as the alpaca was woven through it. Beautiful, and a treasure that will continue on in a new life.

taa2013 001

To my left was a gal who does lamp-work beads.  Exquisite beads she forms using glass rods and a hot torch.  She has a fine hand, and produces exquisite beading.  She was pairing her lamp-work with some alpaca and llama felted beads for contrast.  Stunning work.

taa2013 012

And the gal to my right creates beautiful knitted collars which can also be worn as hats.  She pairs amazing fibers together, and occasionally adds ostrich feathers, and exquisite bling.

And we could continue on, but here is a short photo montage of the day.  (I only was able to visit one room of the three available… so i know there was so much more to see… milliners, leather works, tailors, couturiers, alpaca farms, and silversmiths.  Amazing expressions of creativity.  Here are my photos: