Sugar and Salt Scrubs

Have you ever tried a sugar or salt scrub on your hands, or dry feet?

We discovered these amazing miracles for skin about a dozen years ago while visiting our friends in Las Vegas.  As a typical tourist we were walking through the shopping mall of what was Alladdins Casino when a young blond woman stopped us, insisting we had to try their Dead Sea Salt Scrub.  OK, we did, and we bought a bottle, spent far too much for it, but loved the soft and velvety feeling our skin had after a treatment.  Over the years we bought a few more bottles from various people until Steve hit the lab… and came up with his first Dead Sea Salt Scrub…. Rosemary and Peppermint scented, with salt we imported from the Dead Sea.  Yes, it came with an authenticity certificate.  Our scrubs feature either the dead sea salt or sugar suspended in a blend of oils and essential oils.

So I am a believer, and love to pamper my skin when i have the time.  My awful dry skin seems soothed, as it soaks up the nutrients found in the oils and salt.  Dead Sea Salt is amazing because it contains 18-20 additional minerals that support great skin.

All that said, I wanted to reintroduce our scrubs:

Rosemary Peppermint Dead Sea Salt Scrub  -Rosemary Spearmint Dead Sea Salt scrub will fill your senses with a gentle mint and herb fragrance. A very small amount goes a long way. We provide a small spoon for application.

Lemongrass Mint Dead Sea Salt Scrub – The clean scent of lemongrass dance gently with a hint of mint. Close your eyes and you are in a spa… pampering your skin. Lemongrass offers a clean crisp citrus note that wakens your senses.

Orange Clove Sugar Scrub – Close your eyes and take a deep breath… aah, fresh orange with a gentle hint of clove. It reminds me of Christmas craft projects. Clean and comforting scent with that little spicy note.

Almond Passionate Kiss Sugar Scrub – Popular with the girls because it has a sweet candy like top note with a hint of almond. Its a big sweet kiss to your skin. This is one luscious sugar scrub.

Lavender Breeze Sugar Scrub – Lavender, a clean, and fresh herbaceous scent dances with a bottom note of vanilla in this sugar scrub. Popular among our customers for the fresh and clean fragrance, and the lasting effects on the skin.

Here is a photo montage of our scrubs.  They are available through our etsy shop, by clicking on the name of the scrub above.  Each jar is 4 ounces, has an inner liner seal, and then is shrink wrapped for freshness.  This jar will last 6 months if you use it 2-3 times per week.  Each jar is $7.00 plus shipping.

As we approach Christmas we will also have a limited supply of a sugar scrub in holiday fragrance.  More on that as we approach November.  If you have  any questions or wish to purchase our products you may also send an email to

Want to learn more about salt and sugar scrubs, and the differences in use?  Visit our page:

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